Why You Should

          Inspect Your

  Commercial Property 

Buying or Selling...

      Commercial properties are huge investments, too. Perform your due diligence on the property with Mike Bucher, 'The Better Home Inspector,'  to assure that your property meets all your expectations. Commercial properties are very different from homes when it comes to an inspection. 
      The Better Home Inspector is your expert inspector and you can rely on my experience and on your 28-page computer generated report to spot any commercial property deficiencies.  Don’t forget - you have an invitation to come along on the inspection and learn first-hand about what’s right and what’s wrong with your property.  Ask as many questions as you like.

     Buyers should assure themselves that they are not headed for a money pit.  Here are a few examples of what I inspect in a commercial building:  signage, fire escapes, exit sine age, door swings, handicap issues such as bars, entrances, bathroom stalls, toilets and urinals. Also, heat ducting, grease traps, core board walls, safety issues, security cameras, fire walls, fire safety issues, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, framing steel studs, wood framing, roof drains and refrigeration to name but a few of the items I inspect.



   0000 to 1499 Sq. Ft. - $200.00
   1500 to 1999 Sq. Ft. - $225.00
   2000 to 2499 Sq. Ft. - $240.00
   2500 to 2999 Sq. Ft. - $260.00
   3000 to 3499 Sq. Ft. - $290.00
   3500 to 3999 Sq. Ft. - $320.00
   4000 to 4499 Sq. Ft. - $350.00
     4500 to 5000 Sq. Ft. - $375.00*


*Written Quote on Properties Larger than 5,000 Sq. Ft.
Older homes may incur additional fees
Re-inspections $100.00
Townhomes, Mobile Homes and Condos $165.00