Could Your Dream Home Really Be A Nightmare? 

      Buying your dream mountain home?  Have you had the thought, yet “...Am I buying into a money pit of problems?”  Below you can see some typical inspection issues concerning mountain homes.  No matter if you’re purchasing a weekend cabin or that estate on the lake it’s the rare home that doesn’t have some issues.

      It’s better to have more information about what you’re getting into from an expert - don’t you think?  If you’re selling - have an inspection done to assure yourself that you have done all that you can do to make your home as turn-key as possible for that potential buyer and that QUICK SELL!  You’ll have a great feeling when their inspector reports to them - NO ISSUES FOUND!  Whether you are buying or selling, my inspection will uncover these typical mountain home problems for example.

        Buyer or Seller...


Pay Your Home Respect             ...Inspect!



      Mold is a common issue in mountain homes.  Homes in the San Bernardino Mountains are exposed to harsh winters. These winters come with snow, freezing temperatures and ice that results in improper water drainage, seepage, moisture retention, etc.

      Often, as temperatures heat up, the retained moisture results in mold, dry rot and potential foundation issues.

      Check out the Sideshow on the Left for graphic examples of mold and dry rot that result in unforeseen expenses that could have  been avoided by contacting The Better Home Inspector for a thorough inspection of your home.



​      Many mountain homes have hidden plumbing and/or electrical problems. The gamut runs from old, rusted galvanized piping to overloaded, possibly un-permitted electrical panels or subpanels. These types of issues come up frequently during an inspection. Frequently enough that many mortgage companies insist on a home inspection to insure a good investment for your family and the bank.

      If your mortgage company does not insist on an inspection - you should!  The last thing you need after moving day is a surprise in the form of a flooded bathroom or an electrical fire. It pays to know what is wrong or right with your family’s new home.  Unlike other inspectors, The Better Home Inspector also gives you a report on what’s right about your house.  A newer roof or better construction methods that make the house safer during an earthquake (shear paneling) are positive and remarkable issues that you will learn about too in your final inspection report.

      Please, See the Slide Show on the left for examples of typical plumbing and/or electrical issues.: Available on request


Does Your Home Have SAFETY ISSUES?

      A major portion of your home inspection concerns Safety Issues.  Most families have children or an elderly parent perhaps who will be living in the home. Watching out for them and yourself is the best reason to conduct a thorough home inspection.

      As an example of mountain construction code, did you know that, if your home has a spa deck, it should have a child safety alarm attached to any door that accesses the spa?  The alarm sounds whenever the door is opened to alert you to possible danger. Additionally, you will need a spa cover that locks.

      The Better Home Inspector looks for all this and more.  Please, See the Slide Show on the left for examples of some mountain home safety issues.

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