The Better Home Inspector       Checks Out Everything...    Including the Kitchen Sink! 


A Few Details I Look For During Your Home's Inspection


     Details, details, details!  It’s been said that, “...if you take care of the small details, the big things will take care of themselves.” When it comes to The Better Home Inspector’s inspection of your home - that statement is always true.  I inspect down to the small details and I work hard to uncover any underlying issues that may affect your home’s value now, and in the future.  Along with the mold, dry rot, plumbing, electrical and safety issues that were addressed in Why Inspect? There are many more concerns that could be uncovered by The Better Home Inspector.

Heating & Cooling/ Window Integrity 

      A comfortable temperature is always important in a mountain home.  When it comes to the heating and cooling of your home you need to know what’s going on.  What’s the age of your A/C and Heating Units?  Are they working properly with evenly distributed airflow throughout the house? Are the units the right size to heat and cool the square footage of your home?

      In the hot, dry summers and the cold, wet winters you will thank yourself that you’re cooling and heating is comfortable and efficient. Also, I inspect the windows of your home to assess their insulation capacity and efficiency.  Please view the Slide  Show on the left for examples.

Structural Framing / Roofing 


      Structural framing is the skeleton that literally holds your house together. Compare the home to the human body for a moment.  If that body has a skeletal problem - that person’s health is negatively affected. The same goes for a home. If there was a mistake in the initial framing or, an illegal addition that the county inspector missed, you could be living in a home that is structurally weak.

      This weakness can result in uneven floors, small or large cracks in the walls, and other problems that can end up being very expensive. When it comes to roofs, I’m an expert. Let me find any potential roof problems for you. Please, Check out the Slide Show At Left. 

Fireplace / Chimneys / Floors/ Foundations


      In the mountains we depend upon our fireplaces and chimneys to provide us with a safe secondary heat source as well as many happy memories of the family gathered by the fire.

      However, you can’t afford to risk a chimney fire that may destroy your new investment and put your family at needless risk.  My fireplace and chimney inspections are second to none and I will make sure that your fireplaces and chimneys are safe.

      Floor and foundations inspections are particularly important.  Are your floors level or, are you going to have to put a folded up piece of cardboard under you dining room table leg? How is the foundation of the home?  Any cracks or settling? I will find out for you and give you a full 28-page in-depth report. Please, Check out the Slide Show At Left. 


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